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The Shape of Things

The crazy thing about being a somewhat realist painter is I am not painting things (people, birds, dogs, marsh grass, buildings) I am painting shapes. We are not a camera and the process of painting is kind of like magic. An painter looks at their subject and interprets what they see in to shapes. The size, color, shape & value of the shapes magically creates something we recognize. It always amazes when it turns out. Happy painting, happy seeing! Isabel

You can find this oil painting, Kite Flyer II 30″h x 15″w, at Sandpiper Gallery at Sullivan’s Island, SC

Self Portrait

urban landscape, window scene, spartanburg sc, venus pizza

Waiting, Oil on Canvas, 30″ x 30″copyright¬†2014 Isabel Forbes

Recently I was part of an art exhibit where artists were invited to paint a portrait of themselves on a 30″x30″ canvas.

I really found this idea a fun challenge. After many thoughts came and went I landed on the idea of painting myself in one of my own paintings.

The window scene is from a local Spartanburg, SC USA restaurant/landmark named Venus Pizza. Several years ago this was the subject of one of my paintings and I loved how the window divided up the space.

Gallery East Self Portrait art reception

Gallery East Self Portrait art reception

My Outdoor Studio

November 21, 2013 I will be have an art show at Gallery East in Spartanburg, SC exhibiting paintings I created on location (plein-air) and studio paintings inspired by my plein-air paintings.

Leading up to the show I’ll begin to post some of my adventures and pics to go along with them.

One a recent camping trip to Camp Croft I set up my easel to record some of what I was seeing around me. This particular site has a panorama view of the lake. ¬†It sure is magical to wake up in the morning to see the sun rising over the water. This was a short stay with rain coming in to shorten it even more, so I was able to paint this one sketch. 10″x8″ oil on linen.

Mid June I will be traveling to the adirondacks to paint with over 100 other plein-air artists so I should come home with a lot to share.

campcraft sm

camp croft PA