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Self Portrait

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Waiting, Oil on Canvas, 30″ x 30″copyright 2014 Isabel Forbes

Recently I was part of an art exhibit where artists were invited to paint a portrait of themselves on a 30″x30″ canvas.

I really found this idea a fun challenge. After many thoughts came and went I landed on the idea of painting myself in one of my own paintings.

The window scene is from a local Spartanburg, SC USA restaurant/landmark named Venus Pizza. Several years ago this was the subject of one of my paintings and I loved how the window divided up the space.

Gallery East Self Portrait art reception

Gallery East Self Portrait art reception

Artist Among Us

Hub City Press

Please join me with many of the 100 Spartanburg artists who will spread out across eight local art galleries on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 17 as Spartanburg celebrates the publication of Artists Among Us: 100 Faces of Art in Spartanburg, the newest book from Hub City Press.

From 6-8pm on the city’s regular Art Walk night, the artists will meet the public at the following galleries: The Showroom, Carolina Gallery, West Main Co-op, Spartanburg Art Museum, the Guild Gallery, Galley East, Art Lounge, and TJC Gallery. Books will be for sale at each site, and a free trolley, sponsored by the Community Healing Arts Program, will move between the galleries.

Highway 11, another roadside attraction

The painting on my easel is currently a local landmark located just beyond Lake Bowen Spartanburg, SC I painted a small “thumbnail” version of this a few yars ago and now I’m tackling this 24″ x 36″.

My overhead bank of natural lights create a faux skylight so I wear the visor to block out the glare. A painting this size so of “takes me in” and I feel like I’m right on the side of the road on Highway 11. This is beautiful country! In high school we’d cruise out 11 and feel like we were in another world.
When I moved back to Spartanburg after being away for 30 years I was shocked to discover the Boiling Springs area (just down the street from this gas station) had turned into a megatropolis! Gone are the farms and acres and acres of peach fields. I was completely disoriented.
Part of my goal for 2011 is to get out and create plein air paintings to bring back to my studio to paint larger paintings of the many “roadside attractions” that are in danger of disappearing.
Happy drawing & painting!