“Not far from home is where Isabel finds her inspiration to paint. The local diner, the pizzeria, the church on the corner; the drugstore, the barn, the beach. She pays attention to retro signs and storefront facades, to cigarettes and handbags, house slippers and hats. She notices the sadness, the loneliness, the anticipation and the intent in a gesture, a posture, a face. And that is precisely yet painterly what she brings to the canvas.

Raised in Spartanburg, SC, and recently returned after 30 years away, Isabel draws from a successful career in graphic design and illustration, coupled with a bachelor of fine arts degree from Florida’s Ringling College of Art & Design, to bring her perspective to canvas.” The artist paints full time in a “working studio & gallery” in Spartanburg, SC

Lisa Crawford Watkin, excerpt from the article, Finding the Famliar